7 April 2018

In My Kitchen in April

As you may know, I spent Easter in snowy Finland. See the photo below taken on a frozen river just behind my mum's house, and it tells quite a lot about the general atmosphere. The weather was perfect for walks in the snow, as it was so sunny the whole time. We also enjoyed some spectacular sunsets. It was a good break to relax, but a little bit too short. I cooked vegetarian Easter dinner for my family: stuffed sweet potatoes with lentils and pepper, stuffed courgettes with cheese, pulled oats balls, potato mash and salads, and a lot of chocolate eggs as dessert.

I did some shopping while I was there, my usual cheese and some chocolates, but I also got this birch tea towel and serviettes there. 

These food items are also from Finland: beetroot tofu steaks and two dry mixes to make a seitan roast and veggie burgers. I may not eat the tofu as steaks, but chop and fry and add them to some dish as an additional colour splash. I'm especially excited about the seitan roast, but will need to wait for some festive occasion to make it.

Here at home in Copenhagen my Easter flowers are still growing, but now I should be getting more spring flowers. This week it has actually started to be a bit warmer. I think I'll ditch my winter coats today and change to something lighter when going out!

I recently bought this vegan chipotle mayo, and now I've been adding it here and there. It's not too hot, but has just a nice warming heat. I ate it among others with these Mexican fried potatoes. They don't look so pretty, but it was a tasty dish.

I somehow got excited again by those really easy ready meals, where you just add some hot water and let them settle for a few minutes and they are ready to go. Do you know the type? I now have some extremely busy weekdays and I really appreciate this sort of dinners sometimes. I think that these products have also come a long way from my student days in the late 90s. I still remember that German cheese pasta that I had quite often. I'm not sure how I would like it today. I've already tasted the Pasta Napoli, and these are still waiting for me to try: Miso ramen noodles, Chili sin carne and Quinoa & Chickpea.

As usual I'm sharing this post with Sherry from Sherry's Pickings blog, who is hosting the In My Kitchen challenge.

Have a nice rest of April everyone!

Your VegHog


  1. You have a lot of interesting Finnish stuff in your kitchen. I look forward to seeing what you do with the beet tofu and I know you have been wanting to get your hands on seitan, so that is good to see too. I wonder what you will make of it :) Mmm chipotle mayo, sounds very nice too.

  2. Your Finnish Easter sounds lovely. I am curious about the beetroot tofu steaks - is it tofu marinated in beetroot juice and other seasonings or tofu made with beetroot through it? You sound very busy - I used to buy some pasta with sauce in a packet when I was a student and thought I was being fancy but cringe at the thought of them now - but I agree there is some nice easy pre-prepared food out there. Enjoy your spring flowers!

  3. Very interesting stuff in your kitchen, it would be bril if I could try the mayo chipotle, Maybe I should look up for something similar when I go to London . enjoy your stay in Finland and thanks for stopping by at my blog xx

  4. Your Marimekko dinner napkins look glorious -- I hope they soon come to the US. That must be one of the greatest contributions of Finland to beautiful houses everywhere.

    best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  5. hi veghog
    thanks for joining us all in IMK land. how marvellous to have a snowy break. we are still sweltering here in brisbane even tho it's mid autumn. still about 30C every day and humid. eek i would love some snow. your tea towel and napkins are terrific. love the pattern. interesting foodstuffs you have there too. and i love the sound of that mayo. yum! cheers sherry

  6. Chocolate and cheese - those are all the food groups, right?! I love your beautiful flowers. Maybe I need to look around a bit more for some quick vegetarian meals, the last one I tried was not very quick and not very tasty. =/

  7. How nice of you to cook Easter dinner for your family, what a treat for them. Love the tea towels, especially the ones with the squirrel and bird.

  8. Hi, Veg Hog! Your snowy walk and beautiful birch tea towel made me think of my former home (Minnesota) and your Easter flowers reminded me why we moved to Oklahoma. :) So glad you were able to visit and cook dinner for your family. Your Mexican Fried Potatoes seasoned with chipotle mayo sounded tasty, too!


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