8 September 2019

In My Kitchen in September

September is here, and I'm quite happy about it. I love the autumn season in the kitchen and outside. I can't wait to get some autumnal decorations for my kitchen. But first, let's have a little look what's been going on there lately.

As you may have noticed, I'm a bit of a collector of different hedgehog themed items. So of course I had to get Hedgehogs on the Horizon beer, a black IPA by Uiltje Brewing Company from the Netherlands.

Here's more drinking goodness from the Netherlands: Chocomel. I was delighted to see it here in the shops as well. I think it's the best chocolate milk out there.

Our favourite supermarket chain had an insanely good coffee offer the other week, hence the hoarding. Do you think this pile will cater us until the end of the year?

Same supermarket (Irma) has started an environmental campaign with cute and informative environment leaflets

Here are some of my recent cookings as well. I made a warming lentil curry, and there will surely be more of them towards the autumn.

I have made many weekday dishes with juicy local corn on the cob. I just like to boil them and have some potatoes, grill cheese and other veggies on the side. For me these are the perfect dishes for the season.

There have also been nice radishes, so my partner made fried rice with radish and kimchi.

I also made pepper and chilli tortillas with Mexican potatoes. This is just a nice comfort food for the weekend. There is just a suitable amount pottering in the kitchen, and then the reward while watching some nice series.

As usual I'm sharing this post with Sherry from Sherry's Pickings, as she is hosting the In My Kitchen challenge. Head over to her blog to check out her lovely kitchen and many more from all participants.

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  1. Wow great meals - tonight we had tofu nuggets from a packet and coleslaw (in sandwiches with freshly baked bread) but I want to do some more mexican meals like yours! Love your hedgehog beer cans - do you display some of your bottle and cans - we used to do this in student households but don't any more :-( And I am really curious to know what it said on the flyer with the boy chomping into the angry cow (and who could blame the cow)

  2. hi Heta
    thanks so much for joining in with us this month. I am a big fan of hedgehogs too and the australian equivalent- echidnas. love all the cute labels etc you have there. Looks like you have enough coffee for the century:-) cheers sherry

  3. All your dishes look lovely and i would happily eat them all, esp the Mexican potatoes that are making me drool. The hedgehog cans are cute. I am also curious about the goofy boy with his mouth around the cow, what's going on?


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