10 October 2021

In my kitchen in October

I don’t have many news to share with you, but wanted to post some of my recent cookings here. It’s a glorious sunny Sunday and we will soon head to the farmers market. Yesterday was also a very nice weather. We made a campfire by the seaside and grilled vegan sausages on it.


These dried pea protein products are very convenient to use and go well with so many dishes. I made a pasta Bolognese with the small bits.

The soup season has started so we are eating many soups. Here are an onion soup and a leek and potato soup.


These coconut aminos add savoury flavour to any dish. This has become one of my favourite bottles in the kitchen.

I made Mexican pizza with homegrown bell peppers and Mexican rice with homegrown tomatoes.


This is a cabbage stir fry with homemade noodles. I had some excess pasta dough so I ran it through the spaghetti cutter of the pasta machine. I thought that they became a bit too thin for a spaghetti and indeed they were very good as noodles.

I made a creamy vegan sauce with lovely tasty porcini picked by my aunt in Finland.

 These fruity oat bars are very nice and handy to have as snacks.

As usual I’m sharing this post with Sherry from Sherry’s Pickings and the In My Kitchen event.

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  1. Mmm, some lovely dishes as usual. I also like the pea protein veggie products which are becoming more available - even in Hungerford!
    A beach campfire - what fun!

  2. You have such an amazing variety of vegetarian foods. I was sure those sausages were beef! An early fall beach campfire cookout sounds like heaven.

  3. You sound a bit like me with the blogging lull, i get it. But its good to see you in this space, esp for IMK. And you know how much i like have a nosy around the kitchen. LOts of good homemade food, the dried pea protein products are interesting. i have to admit since the pandemic, i have not been out and about much in the way of food shopping so am missing out one whats new on the shelves. I adore your tea towels.

  4. how lovely to get out and about. vegan sausages? mm interesting:) ... thanks for joining in IMK!

  5. and love the blue bowl and the drawing underneath it!

  6. A farmers market and campfire by the sea seem like a lovely way to pass the time. I hear Denmark has done very well with covid so I hope you are doing well and enjoying some freedoms. And it looks like you have been eating some nice meals. The pasta looks lovely. How lovely are your home grown veg - that pizza looks wonderful. And it is interesting to hear how much your love the coconut aminos - have never tried it but as I always see it as an alternative to soy sauce I expect it would be like that.

  7. I love the bunny that is the backdrop to your bolognese - is it a tea towel? I'm so intrigued by the things that you have there, so different to the Australian selections. Coconut aminos sounds really fascinating!

  8. Great ideas for vegetarian foods. We have been traveling so now I have to get back to cooking, and need all the ideas I can find. Thanks!

    best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com


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