5 December 2021

In My Kitchen in December

I hope that you are all slowly getting into some festive spirit! I love this time of the year when all the lovely lights and trees go up. This year I’m a bit behind with my preparations though. I have some lights and decorations up, but I need to get the presents and send them to those who I won’t be able to see this year (again). But first of all, here are some notes about what’s been going on in my kitchen lately. 

These pine cone shaped croquettes were just too cute not to buy. I had them with vegan chicken and mushrooms. I bought the vegan chickenless chicken on our recent visit to Sweden. Pomegranate has also made it to my kitchen now that the festive season approaches. 

Do you have an advent calendar? I got a few for me and my family: Cheese (mine), liquorice pipe (my partner’s), tea (my mum’s) and chocolate (sharing with partner).

I’ve been enjoying a lot of gløgg, aka mulled wine, as it has been fairly chilly here.

We have a new bakery nearby and they make just amazing sour dough bread. I made grilled cheese sandwiches with caramelised onions with this one. And they also have great croissants. I had to make a savoury croissant with tomatoes and cheese.

I made a Finnish classic Karjalanpiirakka, Karelian pies. They are small open pies with savoury rice pudding filling in a crispy rye bread crust. I love them!

Here is a good reason to visit Sweden: a chunky vegan sausage by Peas of Heaven. I really hope that this will soon be available in Denmark also. I made another classic Finnish working class dish, cheesy oven sausage with it.

I tried making Irish boxty, which is a fried potato cake, with creamy mushroom sauce. I managed to get a really crispy and fully cooked boxty and the sauce was nice too.

Here is a vegetable patty with roast potatoes, braised fennel and onion gravy.

This is just a weekday meal with vegan sausage, fried potatoes and a pasta salad with animal-shaped pasta.

I love German Käsespätzle so I regularly make it. This time it was served with vegan Schnitzel and a salad.

This is a savoury Sunday brunch waffle.

Aren’t these colourful dried corn cobs just wonderful! Should I buy some? What would I make with them? I’m almost tempted to buy them and just have them as decoration in the kitchen.

My curveball this month is that we had snow here in Copenhagen this week! It is quite unusual these days especially so early in December, but of course it didn’t last long. This photo was not taken in my kitchen. It is the view from my office’s window.

As usual, I’m sharing this post with Sherry from Sherry’s Pickings, who is hosting the monthly In My Kitchen event.

Have a nice Sunday everyone!

Your VegHog


  1. Decorative corncobs here are only for decoration -- I didn't know you could use them for culinary purposes. All your meals look really delicious.

    best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  2. I shall try to grow that amazing corn (again) next year. I think it’s mostly used for popping, but it does look so great!
    Love the cone-shaped croquettes!

  3. So many beautiful things in your kitchen! I love that incredible corn, what colour and vibrancy! Being a baker that sourdough bakery's things look really wonderful, lucky it is so close to you

  4. you've been cooking up a storm veg hog! love the look of those croquettes. did they taste good? and i love moomintrolls. so cute. take care and have a great christmas.

  5. Apparently your kitchen is the place to be now! Loving those cute croquettes and bread. Also, that’s a great mug.

  6. Everything looks delicious especially those pink cones and the waffles. The first snow is always a lovely sight.

  7. Everything looks delicious especially those pink cones and the waffles. The first snow is always a lovely sight.

  8. Wow lots of great cooking - the croquettes and the amazing bakery and the array of advent calendars. Wishing you more snow and a merry christmas


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