1 December 2013

Give a very merry Christmas

It is finally December and Christmas, my favourite holiday, is getting close! I'm very excited and aim to inspire you with vegetarian Christmas meal and snack ideas throughout the whole month. Today however I'm not posting a recipe, but writing about being charitable. Isn't it such a wonderful feeling when you can help at least a little bit? I think it's always important to help others and Christmas is a good time to actually do something. Of course everyone should choose a charity or cause that is important to them personally, but as the hedgehog cause is close to my heart, I'm going to give you some tips how you can help hedgehogs and other wildlife near you.

There are many ways to help. You can make donations or volunteer to help at any of your local wildlife charities. Many local hedgehog rescue centers would be grateful for hedgehog food, blankets, bowls etc. and many of them even have wishlists in a popular online shop, so it's very convenient and easy for you to help.

On the British Hedgehog Preservation Society web page you can donate or raise money for hedgehogs or become a member of the society. You can also found plenty of useful information relating to hedgehogs there.

Also the Hedgehog Street is a great initiative. You can become a Hedgehog Champion and work with your neighbours in order to establish suitable habitats for hedgehogs right in your own area. Registering can be done easily online.

If you're interested in protecting wildlife near you, have a look at The Wildlife Trusts web pages what you can do. There are many options what can be done, you can even adopt a hedgehog.

RSPB has a nice gift shop, where you can purchase for example ten metres of hedgerow in the UK countryside. How about giving that to someone for Christmas instead of the usual Kitsch?

Us hedgehogs may hibernate in the winter, but we always wake up for Christmas and are very grateful for your support! Have a hoggy Christmas! #helpforhedgehogs

Your VegHog

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