17 September 2014

Rye crisp canapés

Yesterday I wrote a post of my rye whisky and rye gin tasting and the company behind these wonderful products, the Kyrö Distillery Company. These are the canapés I enjoyed during the tasting and still didn't have a rye overkill yet.

It's always nice to make colourful canapés to serve, and these are quite effortless to make. You can put any of your favourite vegetables and cheeses on them. Soft cheese always gives quite a nice and fresh contrast to these.


Rye crisps – Rye crisps can be obtained in well stocked supermarkets and health food shops or online. You might not get exactly the same ones as I had, but any thin rye crisp bread is good.

Olives – Olives are always a nice addition to a canapé serving.

Here are the different sorts I made.

Tomato and basil crisps:

Small tomatoes ( I used my own produce, Tomato Tigerella)
Fresh basil leaves
Chilli cheddar

Radish crisps:

Plain soft cheese
Sea salt

Cucumber crisps:

Plain soft cheese
Chilli flakes

Pepper crisps:

Baby peppers
Olive oil (for roasting)
Smoky cheddar

There wasn't much preparation needed, mainly just chopping and filling. Fill the crisps just before serving as depending on the filling, the crisp can get soggy quickly.

The only thing that required a bit more cooking were the roasted baby peppers. Brush them with olive oil to get them extremely sweet, yet smoky. About 30 minutes roasting time is needed for these.

Serve these canapés at a party or just during a cosy film night. What are your favourite fillings for these?

Have further a nice week!

Your VegHog


  1. they look really cute - now I just need an occasion where I serve canapes (if only ...)

    1. Thanks Johanna! Well, I only had one friend over for a whisky tasting, so it doesn't always have to be that official. :)


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