7 September 2014

Tomato Tigerella – A love story

Would you like to have a wild guess, which of these is The VegHog's balcony? I'm sure you'll get it!

Earlier this summer my lovely reader Adi requested me to publish a photo of my whole balcony, so now I'm trying to show you in some wider shots what it looks like. Please also visit Adi's great blog Vegetarian Courtesy, where she writes about vegetarianism, food, environment, animals and more. 

So, in case you've missed my previous praise for the cute stripy Tomato Tigerella that I am growing this year, here comes more.  

I'm so proud of how well the Tomato Tigerella vines have done. I guess weather wise it was quite a good summer, too. Earlier this year I was planning to plant bush tomatoes like last year, which are bit more suitable for balcony growing. The fascinating looks of the Tigerella however got me distracted and I realised only when it was too late that they actually were vine tomatoes. Luckily the growth is slower now and they shouldn't get much taller. Besides there's still a little bit room before they reach the upstairs neighbour's balcony.

I've already harvested and cooked loads of the tomatoes and there still are so many more. Do you have any good suggestions what I should cook with them next? Tomorrow I'm going to post a recipe cooked with these tomatoes, but I need more ideas, and would be very grateful for any input. I will also soon post an update on my other balcony plants.

Your VegHog


  1. So beautiful, and thank you!! :)
    I love how the vines are growing nicely around your balcony.
    You inspired me to buy a larger pot for my sunflowers today and more soil! Can't wait till they bloom so I can show you what they look like.<3


    1. Finally I got around taking some different photos on a slightly larger scale. And I was just thinking today that I really want to have sunflowers next year as well. They would look so good here and I can't wait to see yours! :)


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