16 September 2017

Pea and courgette rice

I can't believe that a week has passed again so quickly. We are in mid September and the autumn has arrived. It's starting to get more chilly and rainy, and I have my first cold of the season. I'm still not going to let it defeat me. We have a Mexican independence day street party to attend today, and it's actually sunny so far. There will be Mexican food, beers, wrestling and live music, and I'm quite looking forward to it. We'll pop over to the vegetable market first to get some fresh stuff for the weekend and the busy next week.

But now first to this vegan pea and courgette rice recipe. Well, it actually contains loads of veg, but I just named it that. These summer vegetables are still tempting me very much, but now I start combining them in more autumnal dishes. But it's also so nice to see more and more squashes appearing. I can't wait to make some nice squash dishes soon.

Pea and courgette rice


1 corn on the cob
1 small courgette
2 cups fresh peas
1 carrot
1 onion
1 garlic clove
Fresh parsley
1 tsp sea salt
½ tsp ground black pepper
1 l vegetable stock
1 cup brown rice
2 tbsp olive oil


Chop all the veggies into smallish pieces.

Heat the olive oil in a saucepan and sautée the onion and garlic there.

Then add the chopped carrots, courgette and corn there too, cook for a while and then add the rice and vegetable stock.

Add the seasoning and let simmer until the rice is nearly cooked.

Towards the end also add the peas so that they can briefly cook in the mix. I like the fresh peas quite firm, but feel free to cook them more, if you prefer.

Serve as a bowl of rice and veggies and enjoy!

I'm hosting Eat Your Greens myself this month, and this dish will be my entry to the challenge. Take part in it now, if you haven't yet! I always take turns hosting with Shaheen.

I would also like to share this recipe with Sowmya from Tuma's Tongue Treats, who is hosting the 111th edition of My Legume Love Affair this month. The challenge was created by Susan and is now hosted by Lisa. I haven't been taking part in this wonderful challenge for quite a few months now, and I need to get better with my legumes again!

Have a good weekend!

Your VegHog


  1. That looks like a very tasty snack and I love the little bowl in front of the rainy window

    1. Thanks Belinda! I don't mind these more autumnal dishes and rainy scenes. :)

  2. I really need some more greens - I am waiting for spring to produce some new season veg, but also had hoped to get to supermarket today and missed my window due to baking and a museum so not many greens around here. Your mexican street party sounds fun and I love your vegiful rice.

    1. Maybe you can still get some greens for September, hint hint ;)

      That Mexican street party was great, good food (a couple of veggie options), nice beers, lucha libre wrestling and pinatas for the kids. We were also lucky with the weather.

  3. Autumn is def. sneaking up on us now and hearty Rice dish would really be welcome now. The street party sounds good, hope it did not keep you awake through the night though.

    1. The street fest was really good, and luckily it was a bit further away from our flat, so no disturbance. We only went there during the afternoon.

  4. Thank you so much for linking this recipe to MLLA. Could you kindly also link to Susan (the creator ) and Lisa the current host please. Thanks.

    1. My pleasure Sowmya, and I have linked to Susan and Lisa now. I was writing the post too hectically and forgot to add them. Have a nice week!

    2. So sweet of you. Thanks much again for participating in MLLA. I have mentioned you in the event round up


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