28 February 2019

Eat Your Greens February Round Up

February flew by incredibly quickly, but there is a nice treat at the end of the month: five wonderful blog posts with recipes cooked with greens. This is the Eat YourGreens February round up. I hosted Eat Your Greens this month, taking turns every other month with Shaheen from Allotment 2 Kitchen.

Let's have a look at the absolutely fabulous February recipes.

Johanna from Green Gourmet Giraffe made a vibrant green Kale and pea soup, and she is right saying that soup fits any weather. This soup is just so smooth and healthy looking. Kale and peas are the perfect combination to go into a soup with some potatoes, garlic and onion. The recipe is simple, which makes it great for the heatwave that Johanna was having at her place.

Lisa from Lisa's Kitchen shared another creative soup recipe, Vegetarian Lasagna Soup. The soup is full of different veggies, and as the greens it features spinach and fresh parsley. I have heard of a lasagna soup before, but unfortunately didn't have the opportunity to try it yet. I think it's a cool concept to make a vegetable soup with chunkier pasta bits, and I really want to try this recipe.

Shaheen from Allotment 2 Kitchen made an amazing looking dish of Seaweed 'Bacon' and Mock King Oyster Mushroom 'Scallops'. All components are just made to perfection, and I'm sure they were very tasty. I'm curious about the sea bacon, and the king oyster mushroom 'scallops' look so great served on the green creamy pea purée. I've never eaten “real” scallops, and I'm absolutely sure that this dish is much better.

Laura from Vegfully shared some of the food that she has been cooking in February. She has been cooking with plenty of vegetables, and among others has made these wonderful creations: roast cauliflower with grated courgette and chickpeas on the side; beans on toast with eggs, avocado and tomato salsa; roast butternut squash baked with macaroni cheese served with broccoli and green salad. I adore all these healthy dishes made by Laura.

I cooked a Potato, spinach and chickpea curry with roasted romanesco and cauliflower. My greens in this recipe were frozen spinach, roasted romanesco and of course the fresh coriander. It was a nice vegan curry with homemade naan bread on the side.

Thank you so much to all participants and readers, we would love to see you all again in March when Shaheen is hosting again!

Your VegHog


  1. Funny you mention cooking in a heatwave - we have another one on right now but it should cool after tomorrow. This is a nice collection of interesting ways to eat greens - and I nee some inspiration!

    1. I hope the weather cools down a bit for you!

  2. Quite an amazing round up actually. All green dishes very unique in their own way. Thanks for hosting VegHog, I look forward to seeing what we get for March Eat Your Greens

    1. I agree, it wasn't too busy, but a very interesting round. Can't wait to see the March recipes.

  3. i am in love with that purple mug! it is wonderful. cheers sherry


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