9 February 2013

Wyld Wood organic cider

The VegHog likes hogging not just vegetables but also cider. Cider is a brilliant and refreshing drink and there are many variations to suit everyone's taste. English ciders are very different to the Finnish ones as they are much richer and less sweet. I'll try to make recommendations here for nice ciders that I have tasted.

Today I'm drinking Westons Wyld Wood vintage organic still cider from the convenient three litre box which should keep me going for a while. Wyld Wood is an organic cider suitable for vegans, vegetarians and coeliacs. There are both apple and pear flavoured Wyld Woods available.

I'm not very good at describing flavours in drinks but I shall try as I'm tasting it while writing this. For certain I can say that it tastes of apples. It's very fruity and rich in its flavour. It tastes slightly smoky and nutty and has a vanilla note in the aftertaste. I like it because it's not too dry.

With 7,3 % alcohol it's quite a strong cider so drink responsibly.

Your VegHog

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