18 February 2013

Real Food Market in London

One of my favourite places in London is the Real Food Market. After visiting the market last weekend and taking some photos of the atmosphere I decided to write about it. I apologise beforehand that this entry contains very many photos but it all looked so vibrant!

This market is well worth a visit for everyone and it takes place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday on London's South Bank. Its location next to the Southbank Centre is very convenient and offers a nice backdrop to this foodlovers' market. If you are visiting London and happen to be around that area, I would recommend for you to have a browse through. South Bank is a nice part of London just to have a stroll and see many different things.

You can find all kinds of local produce there, quite many meaty foods but also several vegetarian options and good drinks and sweets. I find that food markets are getting rare in Britain as many cities don't have a decent place to buy fresh local vegetables and other foods but I'm very happy for having found this one.

I have some all time favourites on the market and luckily these stalls are usually there. One of them is The Flour Station who bake lovely rye bread among others. For a Finn it's important to know where to obtain quality rye bread and they seem to have a very good alternative.

The Somerset Ploughman sells good West Country products such as tasty ciders and good smoky cheese. You can taste different ciders, mulled and non-mulled, dry or medium, and also buy 1 or 2 liter jug to take home with you!

Visiting the stall of the Arancini Brothers is also a must for The VegHog whenever it's at the Real Food Market. They make divine risotto balls and sell them in a wide variety of forms for great prices. Normally I just have a huge amount of the balls and enjoy them with their tasty sauces but you can also buy them with salads and wraps etc. These risotto balls have even inspired me to experiment in the kitchen but more to that subject later.

And now reading this and looking at the photos, I want to go there again!

Stay hungry!

Your VegHog

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