20 December 2013

Cranberry jelly

Cranberries are great Christmas berries and they can be combined with savoury and sweet cookings and bakings. I made a simple cranberry jelly that is very versatile to combine with sweet cakes, cheese, savoury nut roasts, you name it! It can even be eaten just on its own and it looks great on the plate. Try it!

So this is how to make my cranberry jelly.

100g cranberries
1tbsp sugar
6g (1 sachet) vegetarian gelatine (vege gel)
2dl water

Heat the cranberries for about ten minutes at moderate heat with couple of tablespoons of added water. They start popping quite soon and will become saucy. Press them through a sieve to get clear red cranberry pulp.

Add the vege gel to 2dl of cold water and heat it to the boiling point. Then add the sugar and the cranberry pulp and whisk.

Pour the mix into small glasses and let set for about four hours or overnight in the fridge. Done!


Your VegHog

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