8 December 2013

Watercress and cheddar scones

These hearty and savoury watercress and cheddar scones are a wonderful addition to any Christmas party. They are easy to bake, but are a bit more unusual snack.

I got this recipe from the British watercress web page, but I have slightly amended their original recipe. Here's how I made them.


Makes about 8 scones.

100g watercress
200ml buttermilk
225g flour
2tsp baking powder
50g butter
75g mature cheddar
1tsp salt
½tsp cayenne pepper


Remove any thicker stems from the watercress and chop it small. Grate the cheddar. Mix the flour, baking powder and salt, and rub the soft butter in. Add the watercress and the grated cheese to the mix, also mix the buttermilk in. Save little buttermilk for later. Season with the cayenne pepper. Mix the ingredients into an even dough.

Place the dough into muffin cases, about 2cm high. Brush the surfaces with buttermilk and sprinkle little cheddar on the top.

Bake the scones at 220C for about 20-25 minutes until baked throughout. You can poke a cocktail stick in to test that the scones are fully baked.

Let cool slightly, but these are best to be enjoyed warm.

Stay hungry!

Your VegHog

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