14 December 2013

Chocolate hoglet

Christmas is the time to eat as many chocolates as you can. Sometimes I feel like no desserts are needed as you can eat chocolates and sweets instead. I have my firm favourites among the Finnish Christmas chocolates that I simply have to eat every year, but I have also found some favourites among this year's British novelty Christmas chocolates. Those would mainly be the Woodland Friends range and the Snowman and the Snowdog series. I especially love the art work and the whimsical figures on these chocolates – smiling faces everywhere!

Obviously I'm a big fan of Spike the Hedgehog (who wouldn't love a giant chocolate hoglet?), but the other Woodland Friends are also very cute and tasty.

A Spike cake!

I remember for having watched The Snowman animation film on every Christmas Eve as a child in Finland, and I still try to watch it every year if possible. It has a wonderful Christmas atmosphere.

Enjoy your Christmas sweets!

Your VegHog

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  1. I can only hope that my family and friends won't read this post, because it might contain spoilers for some of their presents. :)


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