25 May 2014

Finnish style rhubarb pie

I got the first local Hampshire rhubarb of the year, and started dreaming of this Finnish style rhubarb pie. I'm feeling a bit patriotic as the Finnish ice-hockey team is playing tonight for the world championship! Dream aside and I started baking, as what can be a better time for baking a fresh pie than early Sunday morning? No healthy breakfast for me today...

What makes this pie Finnish style, is the combination of rhubarb and quark on the pie. Many Finnish summer pies combine fruits or berries with quark, and I just love that style. It's sometimes difficult to find quark in the British supermarkets, but it's a really common dairy product in Finland and you can make wondrous desserts and cakes with it. Here is how I made this easy and quick pie.


For the base:

150 g butter
100 ml sugar
200 ml wheat flour
100 ml potato flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 egg

For the filling:

5 small rhubarb stems
1 egg
2 tbsp quark
100 ml sugar
3 tsp vanilla sugar


Start by making the base, and grease a pie tin (mine is Ø 25 cm). Beat the melted butter and sugar into foam with a hand mixer, then add the egg. Mix the wheat and potato flours with the baking powder and add them to the butter, sugar and egg mix while stirring. Once you have a smooth dough, spread it into the pie tin.

Then continue with the filling by peeling the rhubarb stems and cutting them into small pieces. Mix the egg, quark, sugar, vanilla sugar and rhubarb and spread the mix evenly on the base dough.

Bake the pie at 185C for about 30 minutes until it's fully baked and golden brown.

Enjoy your nice Sunday coffee and pie moments!

Your VegHog

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