28 May 2014

Orchard Pig ciders

I have been tasting the Orchard Pig ciders from Somerset and they are fast becoming my favourites, not alone because of the cute design on the bottles. I think I'll use these ciders soon for cooking as well. 

Here are some tasting notes from three different Orchard Pig ciders.

Reveller 4,5%
  • Medium sparkling cider
  • Light, clear and refreshing
  • A fine drink for a hot day
  • “A riotous celebration of apples”, says the Orchard Pig itself and I agree

Truffler 6,0%
  • Dry sparkling cider
  • Earthy and woody notes in the scent
  • Background flavour is like an earthy apple crumble with vanilla
Charmer 6,0%
  • Medium sparkling cider
  • Taste of fresh apples
  • Noticeable carbonation
  • Light nuttiness
  • A slight maple character
  • A charming little cider

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