5 May 2014

Le Grenier de Notre-Dame in Paris

Le Grenier de Notre-Dame is a pretty little vegetarian restaurant in Paris. It's located in a very convenient place, just on the opposite riverbank of the Seine to the Cathedral of Notre-Dame. 

We were quite lucky to get a table when we arrived there at lunch time. They had to send some customers away that came after us as the restaurant was full. The restaurant is very cosy and nicely decorated with plants, just what you would expect from a Parisian veggie restaurant. 

There were many tempting dishes on the menu, but I decided to have Les spaghettis a l'ail et au fromage – organic brun pasta fried with fresh garlic and emmental cheese. My friend had a polenta dish with seasonal vegetables. There was crusty bread and a small salad also served on the side. The portion size was huge, which made a hungry traveller very happy indeed, and it wasn't expensive. Adding a little bit wine with that, I was very delighted about this meal.

We even managed to handle the whole ordering in French (easier in a veggie place as you can't order anything meaty by accident), but I'm sure that the staff speak English as well.

Go and visit them, if you ever happen to be near by!

Votre hérisson des légumes

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