20 May 2014

East Side Burgers in Paris

Here's another veggie restaurant review from Paris. I was reluctant at first going to a place called East Side Burgers, as it doesn't sound very Parisian of course. But I'm glad that I went, because the experience was just delightful.

East Side Burgers was a small vegetarian fast food restaurant, a nice looking place, which was easy to find. There was a small queue when we got there, but it moved very quickly. Before we knew it, I was trying to shout out my s'il vous plaîts and mercis. The service was very friendly, but the language was soon switched to English due to my slowness in French.

Me and my friend both decided to have Le Basque burger, which is a basque style tofu steak burger with lettuce, cheddar cheese, caramelised and spicy red pepper, tomato and grilled bun. Otherwise I might have chosen Le Forestier burger, but they didn't have any on that day. However Le Basque turned out to be a spectacular veggie burger, one of the best I've ever had with its intense tasting char-grilled peppers. The portion was large and we also had some tasty organic cheese nuggets, Nuggets du fromage, on the side. This whole thing was enjoyed with a couple of Gallia Paris beers.

The interior of the restaurant is interesting, and it's nice and cosy. The price is very good for Paris, or elsewhere, for a good quality burger.

If I'll ever be in Paris again, this is where I'll definitely be eating again. Go there and see for yourself what the craze is about!

Votre hérisson des légumes

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