13 May 2014

Urban gardening in May

I have the feeling that my plants are growing slower this year, but I guess it has been a quite chilly spring here in England. I just hope that there would be a little more warmth and sun for the plants, as I would love to have a tasty crops again this year. The small space available on the balcony will be a challenge once again. I've been trying to be creative when accommodating all the plants there, but some of the outdoor plants are still dwelling inside due to the limited space.

Here's an update of what's mainly going on at the moment on my balcony.

An overground radish is growing also an underground radish... and leaves for radish pesto.

The tomato plants are growing nicely, and I have a few of these this year.

Will there be a small crops of purple carrots, will there, will there..?

How are your urban gardens doing? It would be lovely to hear about your experiences.

Your VegHog


  1. It's hot and sunny here in Los Angeles right now! Which reminds me that I'll water my flowers after this!! I forgot to mention this in my last comment, but I actually planted a piece of garlic along with my sunflowers and it's growing!! You should take a full picture of your balcony, I'd love to see your garden! :D I understand the space problem too. I have to buy some larger pots because I thought that I was planting dwarf sunflower seeds, but it turns out that they'll be 6 ft! And I planted 38 of them!! They're still small, barely growing the second stem of leaves, but I'll have to buy those large pots soon!


    1. Garlic is great, but not so easy to grow. At least that's what I remember from my experiments years ago. I'm sure you'll have better luck. Let me know how it goes.

      Wow, 38 sunflowers! Your balcony could get crowded. I might take a full picture of my balcony in the summer when it looks better, now all the plants are so tiny and I also have small growing pots everywhere. :)


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