25 August 2015

Balcony garden in August

It was nice to come back from holiday and see all the progress my plants had been making and that they were alive and well. So big thanks to the watering help!

It's starting to look increasingly red over there and I have been able to harvest many tomatoes already. Some will stay very tiny in the size, but they are still very tasty, a perfect addition to be eaten fresh with any meal. And if there are too many, I can always make a sauce. The bell peppers are turning red as well and so are the chillies. What a jolly redness! Here are some photos to show the situation of my balcony garden in August.


  1. I bet your balcony smells wonderful

    1. Yes, I'm quite happy with it at the moment. I chose to grow less this year, but everything I had there, has turned out nicely.


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