30 August 2015


Teerenpeli is a Finnish restaurant chain with their own brewery and distillery. In their bars and restaurants they offer a wide range of their own beers, ciders and whiskies. On my recent holiday in Finland I visited their establishments in two cities, Helsinki and Tampere, and I am collecting my experiences in each of the bars into this one post. Of course each and every one of them has an individual character and flair, but as it's a chain with the same drinks and food, it's perhaps clearer and easier this way. 

This summer I particularly became a fan of their ciders. I mainly drank the lingonberry and blueberry flavoured ciders, which in my opinion can't be compared to any other fruity ciders that I have tasted. They are more on the dry side and the berry taste and the colouring are very intense. 

The beer selection is very good and they should have all the styles that anyone could desire. Some of their bottled beers can be also obtained in Finnish supermarkets.

Their whiskies are so amazing, and I never thought that I could enjoy whisky straight this much, as I have done lately! I am soon going to write a separate tasting post of one Teerenpeli whisky.

The atmosphere in these bars and restaurants is relaxed and the staff is always putting an extra effort in in friendliness and service. This chain and their products are highly recommended by me, so if you'll ever get the chance, pay them a visit or try some of their products!

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