6 August 2016

In My Kitchen in August

Even though Maureen is having a break from hosting In My Kitchen blog event, I thought I'd still share some of my new kitchen items with you, as some of my fellow bloggers have done so too. I think it's always fun to have a peek into someones kitchen to see so many lovely and quirky items.

I have purchased a couple of new handy kitchen items like a new coffee maker. The old one was also from Bodum, but was already a bit worn out and this new copper look tickled my fancy so I had to have it. I have been very happy with it, it works perfectly for my and my partner's coffee needs. It's posing here with some of my Moomin mugs, which aren't new.

I also got a new strainer, as I haven't owned a proper one for ages. This cute green thing is perfect for pasta and other things. I really like the look of it.

This small cooling bag has been very handy for summer trips keeping our sandwiches and drinks cool. It was a cheap impulse buy that turned out to be very useful. I should probably transport my daily lunch box in it as well.

I bought Paris napkins in London, how very quaint! You may already have seen these in some of my dish presentations. There's just something about maps and of course Paris is a wonderful city. I hope that I could go back there soon.

I love Matt Sewell's illustrations and I have many books by him and also a couple of prints that would need framing. I had to expand my book collection by this new Penguins book of his. I really enjoy flicking through it and learning about penguins and other sea birds.

Liquid smoke is a new cooking ingredient for me and I have been using it in several dishes already. I like the hint of hickory smoke in many things. It does go well with so many vegetables.

I have been eating granola and muesli with my yogurts and these Dorset Cereals ones are very tasty and have nice packets. That's basically my standard breakfast, economical and healthy and not too stuffing.

In terms of drinks there is one new summer favourite of mine by Wild Weather Ales, Peach Of A Weekend Super Peach Sour 2. It's very refreshing and peachy, a very special beer indeed, and that pixelated retro computer game label is just so cute.

This is pretty much it for now. I hope you liked the items. Have a good weekend!

Your VegHog

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