22 August 2016

Nectarine and beluga lentil salad

So I'm back from my holiday and first of all wanted to share a salad with you, which I made in Finland. I had a wonderful time with my family and have a lot to write to you about. I feel refreshed and still have a few days off work to spend here in England. I am going to post plenty of holiday pictures soon and write about my activities and the products I bought in Finland, but here is this colourful summer salad now before I get the other stuff sorted.

This salad consisted of freshly picked white currants, mixed salad leaves, briefly fried nectarines, fried grilling cheese (similar to halloumi, but made from cow's milk), beluga lentils and tomatoes. This was a really filling salad and could be eaten as a stand-alone dish. 

I especially loved the addition of the white currants and nectarines adding a summery freshness to the salad. We picked the white currants in my granddad's garden ourselves. That always gives a nice touch to cooking, adding something that you have gathered or foraged yourself, and in Finland it's often possible for me. The berry season was still full on and I will post about some of my other findings later.

Have a nice week! More posts to follow soon. It's good to be back!

Your VegHog

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