21 October 2017

Apple pie

A dream came true: I could cool down an apple pie on a window sill! Or wait a minute, is that actually a dream of mine, or just the American dream? Well anyway, it was a nice feeling, and it was very nice to bake for a change. How could I resist the lovely apple season.

Otherwise I've been quite busy at work, so the days have just flown by. I had autumn break from my Danish classes this week and now have to study for my first exam, so exciting! It's going pretty well, but people are still very hard to understand sometimes. Of course that's normal for language learning, but I don't have any patience and already want to be fluent.

So for this pie, I used Paul Hollywood's muffin recipe as the dough base, as that always seems to work in different combinations. You can find the recipe here. It's best left in the fridge overnight to develop, which makes the baking bit also much easier the next day, as you then have the dough ready.

Then I just added apple slices and cinnamon on the top of the dough and baked the pie. It was a lovely apple pie and it disappeared in no time. It's a nice change to get freshly baked goods at home.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Your VegHog


  1. Sun shining into your kitchen and lovely looking apple bake you've got there, have a nice weekend x


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