21 October 2017

Visiting the Royal Kitchen

On Friday last week there was a culture night here in Copenhagen, and all sorts of places opened their doors for visitors. We spent all Friday night exploring places around Copenhagen. The event was open until midnight, and the town was full of people.

There were light shows all over town, live music, all kinds of entertainment and family fun getting acquainted with different cultural places, some of which only opened their doors especially for this event. Even the army had arrived with their tanks and their guns. The national railway had a really nice display in a conference centre presenting their new projects. We got free pop corn from them, which was a plus, and they would've also had free coffee and hot chocolate.

The Royal Library was lit in an amazing fashion and was buzzing of people. The nearby museum showed a historical battle between Danes and Swedes projected on a big building's wall. Here we stopped for a tomato soup to keep us going.

I had a long list of places to see, and we actually managed quite a few of them. One place that I wanted to visit, was the Royal Kitchen at Christiansborg Palace.

I really like copperware and this kitchen boasts a huge copperware collection, so it was nice to see all those pots and pans. The kitchen itself is a cosy cellar full of old cookware. I wouldn't mind cooking in such a great kitchen myself.

I can't wait for the culture night to come around again next year!


  1. Sounds like a great night to be out and about - and wonderful to see the palace kitchen - they are always so amazing huge in these grand buildings

  2. I love light shows, they truly transform a place. I wish there were more near where I lived as I feel since moving to Wales, i miss out a lot. your so luck to have been able to take pictures of the kitchen, i have often been to heritage places and they are quite snooty and don't like it when you take photos, so thanks for sharing.

    1. The light shows were amazing and the whole night was great. They were very welcoming that night, and I think that photos are always allowed there, but yes I know that kind of places too.


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