5 December 2017

Grilled cheese sandwiches

Sometimes it’s refreshing to have just a simple grilled cheese sandwich for dinner. I tried to make these a bit different though, as I got a lovely loaf of olive and cheese bread on our trip to Sweden. Sweden of course is just about 40 minutes train ride away from us, so it’s nice to visit the other side of the pond occasionally. They have some amazing bakeries there, and we also got these amazing rum and chocolate balls there. At the moment Malmö is lit with nice Christmas lights and the Christmas markets are on. They also have a great covered market with street food and other food stalls. That's where we bought the bread. It was really cosy over there.

But now to these breads. I made a spread from olive oil, garlic and smoked paprika that I brushed the bread with. Then I added some fresh spinach and Maasdamer cheese on the top, and baked the breads in the oven. The spinach was only an attempt to try to make them healthier and slightly green.

The breads were very good, but I love this kind of melted cheese breads anyway. It's just perfect on busy evenings or cosy film nights at home. What about you, is the grilled cheese sandwich also your hero?

Your VegHog


  1. I want some of the grilled cheese please! :) What a comfort post!

    1. Wellllll vegan cheese - but you GET ME lol

    2. Yes, I'm sure this would be lovely also with vegan cheese! It's just too comforting, and tonight we'll have a pizza night. I'm spoiled. :)


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