21 December 2017

Roasted vegetables & Getting into the Christmas spirit

Are you fully getting into the Christmas spirit? I'm slowly getting there, although I've been very busy and there is still one toilsome day at work ahead. Then tomorrow evening we will be heading to Finland to celebrate Christmas with my family. Let's hope that there will be a lot of snow. I would love to hear what your plans are for Christmas?

I'm a little bit sad to leave my cosy Christmas nest behind, but it'll also be nice to be home and relax. I've got two trees in the apartment that we will be keeping well into January as per the Scandinavian tradition. One is only a tiny table tree, but it makes such a great dinner table centrepiece. We also got a slightly bigger tree, which is still quite compact. It has been decorated with diverse animal ornaments in a quite rustic way. Of course there are plenty of hedgehogs on there!

Then over to the food. 'tis the season for roasted vegetables, if any. I made this small platter of roasted potatoes, carrots and brussels sprouts and served them with hummus. I'm still a little bit indecisive, which vegetables I should roast for Christmas. Are you having them on the side and what mix are you going with?

Have a lovely festive season!

Your VegHog


  1. your vegies look gorgeous - I have just finished up work for 5 weeks and am so happy after a really busy time. Hope you enjoy your Christmas at home.

  2. Oh your Christmas tree is lovely, love the squirrel topping and the hedgehog which I spy is at the bottom. I have just finished a toilsome day at work and now am ready for the festive holidays, but not the the drive tomorrow to Essex. We are spending Christmas with my MIL. By the way the veggies look good, esp the potatoes - Happy Christmas to you and hope your trip back to Finland is a good one.

  3. Have a lovely Christmas, your dinner looks very appetizing and I love your Christmas tree. I am spending my Christmas with my husbans' family which is always very jolly with the kids being over excited xx


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