18 December 2017

Farewell Copenhagen Street Food

Copenhagen Street Food market on Papirøen will be closing this week. These are indeed very sad tidings, because I absolutely love that place. Their rental contract simply ran out and the city has new development plans for that prime location. Luckily the street food market has found new premises a couple of kilometres away from the original location, so there is hope for us Copenhagen foodies. Of course it won't be a copy of this market, so in this shape and form, the market will never come back.

I paid a sad last visit to the market and had food from some of my favourite stalls. Few years ago, when I visited the market for the first time, I had coffee first of all, and today I ended my round at the very same stall. I was very emotional. How can food do this to us! I have some very good memories from that place and I hope that there will be a worthy follower.

Anyway, I wanted to share some photos with you from the good times I had there. Some are from yesterday, and some are a bit older. 

These Colombian vegan happy burgers are so great, crispy quinoa patty or pulled seitan with crunchy fresh veggies with beautiful sauces. What's not to like!

Il Matterello's fresh pasta dishes were my favourites from the very beginning. They have opened a new restaurant just around the corner from my house, so I'll need to visit them soon.

The vegan and vegetarian pizzas from Madenitaly are wonderful. The selection is never boring and it's hard to choose a favourite. This time I had a very tasty potato and truffle pizza and my partner had a seitan ball pizza. Both were amazing, and I could have chosen so many more. I really hope to see this company around in the future.

Falafel platter from Fala Fala was just amazing, too much good stuff on there.

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