4 June 2018

Quick-pickled red onion and vegan hot dogs

You can hardly eat at a vegan restaurant or look at Instagram without seeing pickled red onions on every dish these days. And yes, I've joined the crowd as well. I initially made this jar of pickled red onion to be eaten with vegan hotdogs, but now I'm adding them everywhere. They do add a nice zing and colour to dishes, so why not!

Quick-pickled red onion


1 red onion
½ cup cider vinegar
1 tbsp sugar
2 tsp salt
1 tbsp pink peppercorns


Slice the onion.

Heat the vinegar and mix in the sugar, salt, pink peppercorns and onion slices.

Seal in a container and let rest in the fridge overnight.

Serve as an addition with salads, burgers, hot dogs, anything you can think of.

Your VegHog


  1. I don't think I eat out enough to see such delicacies but they look very pretty.

    1. I'm not sure, if this trend is everywhere, but I've seen a lot of it. They are pretty, aren't they. Nice to add some pink to dishes. :)


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