7 June 2020

Roasted new potatoes with asparagus and beurre rosé

I’m having a slow Sunday morning, but soon we’ll head for a little walk at the harbour. I don’t have any other plans for today and that’s fine.

Here’s just a little dish that could give inspiration to a seasonal vegetarian Sunday dinner. I made roasted new potatoes and steamed asparagus with beurre rosé made from rosé wine and pink peppercorns. My salad contained fresh local peas, spring onion stalks, tomatoes and feta, and I also served a vegetarian cheese Schnitzel with the dish. It was a comforting yet fresh dish full of vegetables. It’s a celebration for the good stuff that’s in season currently here in Denmark: new potatoes, asparagus and fresh peas. This dish is of course also easy to veganise by using a vegan Schnitzel and skipping or substituting the feta.

Your VegHog


  1. Mmm, we’ve been enjoying asparagus too and I love the look of those mini roasties!


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