14 June 2020

Brown butter roast new potatoes with cauliflower cheese

We’ve been pampered with a lovely warm weather this weekend and we’ve been outdoors a lot. Yesterday we went to a street food market and it was almost like “in the olden days”, the pre-corona days… Today we’ll go to the vegetable market and will buy the veggies for next week. Do you have any cooking ideas? I’m currently not too creative. I think I’ll just buy what’s seasonal and local now.

There has been a cauliflower shortage over here lately. The shops haven’t had any for weeks and I’ve only been able to find some in the vegetable market. I’m not sure what could have caused this. Soon we should get the local new season cauliflowers, so maybe it’ll get better then. But don’t you know the feeling, when you can’t get something, then you really start graving it!

This dish was made with one cauliflower that I managed to find. It was just a roast dinner with cauliflower cheese, but the roast potatoes were a bit special. The recipe for the brown butter roast new potatoes is by Anna Jones and it’s published in this Guardian article. I would recommend this style for a change.

Have a good Sunday!

Your VegHog


  1. This looks delicious - you make me feel I should be making more of cauliflower - though I did get a romanescu one last week at the farmers market - it is in season here so probably less in your side of the world. We had roast potatoes tonight but nothing so fancy as browned butter in ours. I don't mind the winter vegies at our farmers market but am tired of winter fruit.

    1. Now there are more caulis here as well, as the Danish ones are in season. I bought one, but not sure what I will make, a bake again?

  2. I need to try roast cauliflower that one of my friends showed me. It looked delicious. I do love cauliflower cheese though, with plenty of browned cheese - yum!


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