8 August 2020

Veggie quesadillas

We have a bit of a heatwave here in Denmark right now. I already went for a morning swim in the harbour to cool down straight away after waking up. The water in the harbour is really clean and it’s nice to go for a little swim. I can’t swim for far though, because I’m so much out of shape. Otherwise I will try to stay out of sun for most of today.

Soon we’ll go out for a Mexican lunch and I’m very much looking forward to it. Before that I wanted to share my own recent homemade quesadillas with you. I love Mexican food and I also love cooking my own variations of it. I made these veggie quesadillas with beans, sweetcorn, bell pepper, rice and plenty of warming Mexican spices. They were so good. 


I hope you’ll all have a wonderful weekend!

Your VegHog


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