11 December 2020

Roast dinner with vegetable loaf

I’ve made a couple of cooking practice runs until now to be able to decide what I want to cook for Christmas. This year there won’t be Christmas parties, where you could eat all the Christmas food in advance. I wanted to know, if I am the only one doing this, practising for the big day? There are so many good veggie options that it’s hard to decide. I think some roast potatoes and vegetables are a must, but what will the main show be?

I got this new product, vegan Farsbrød, that is a vegetable loaf made from beans, mushrooms, cranberry and rosemary. It is very convenient to make, a frozen product that you just bake in the oven until it’s done. This is definitely something that would save me some time on Christmas Eve. It was tasty too, so I got a spare one for the freezer in any case.


I served roast potatoes, parsnips, squash and carrots, onion gravy, lingonberry jam and little sprouts and tomatoes with the loaf. It was a perfectly good meal made with fairly little effort.

Please share your vegan or vegetarian Christmas favourites with me in the comment section. I think I’ll make a nut roast again this year, but maybe also some other veggie surprises.






  1. We love root vegetable pie. Homemade crust with roasted parsnip, sunchokes, parsnips, celeraic, purple potatoes with a crust of mashed sweet potatoes.

    Or a samosa pot pie!

    A mushroom wellington would be a good idea too though I haven't tried it.

    Making a veg loaf with lentils, quinoa, mushrooms, walnuts and other veggies is a fun project as well. Might make that soon as I haven't done that in a while!

    Happy holidays and merry cooking and eating!

  2. forgot to mention that the first layer of the pie is a bed of mushrooms sauteed in butter and wine, followed by roasted veg and then the sweet potatoes! it's quite yum!


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