17 February 2013

Full English vegetarian breakfast

The full English breakfast is a much criticised dish abroad but much loved by the English. It might seem a bit odd to people who are used to a continental breakfast or similar, but I can assure you that it has its good sides. It is definitely very filling and actually can be made in a healthier way as well.

Obviously I'm making a vegetarian version of the English breakfast but I'll try to honour some of the traditions. Normally an English breakfast is fairly meat invested business but it can easily be made as a vegetarian version and most pubs and cafes nowadays serve a vegetarian option.


Closed cup mushrooms
A tin of baked beans
Vegetarian sausages
White bread
Olive oil

Get many pans ready as you need to fry everything. They don't call it the fry-up for nothing, you know!

Start by preparing the veg: Cut the tomatoes in half and depending on the size of your mushrooms, you can cut them in half or quarter or even leave as whole. Chop a clove of garlic into small pieces.

Put the baked beans into a saucepan and heat at a low temperature.

Fry the mushrooms, tomatoes and vegetarian sausages in olive oil. Spice the mushrooms and the tomatoes with chives, salt and pepper. I'm sure that olive oil isn't traditionally used but it makes the whole dish feel healthier. Sausages can alternatively be grilled in the oven for a less greasy outcome.

Make scrambled eggs and the fried bread in separate pans. Fry the bread in olive oil adding the garlic later on so it doesn't burn. Please note that the bread will absorb a fair amount of oil.

Place everything on a plate and the result is surprisingly colourful.

Have good breakfast moments!

Your VegHog


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  2. A Full English Breakfast does NOT include garlic!

  3. I had some in a hostel in London, I still dream about it. So filling, just load up and we got hungry at around 3pm, not bad. I had to pick and choose the vegetarian parts though, but I really liked it. Gonna try one day, good veggie sausages are tricky to find.


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