27 January 2015

Hot chocolate season

I declare this time of the year to be hot chocolate season! It's so nice to sit around indoors wrapped in huge cardigans sipping hot drinks, isn't it just?

I recently purchased Hasslacher’s “Solid Bar” Colombian drinking chocolate in order to warm myself with something else than coffee or tea for a change. It has been ages since I have made hot chocolate, but now I'm truly back in the saddle. Making hot chocolate has a completely different feel to it when you have to melt a chunk of actual chocolate to get the drink. This hot chocolate is very strongly chocolatey, just as it should be, and it contains no added sugar.

Here is my recent Sunday brunch depicted with that hot chocolate and mushroom and cheese toasties. It was so lovely that it probably has to be repeated soon.

What is your favourite hot drink? What do you drink your hot chocolate with? Is cheese toastie not the clear winner as the partner?

Your VegHog


  1. Cute mug. I picked up some hot chocolate recently when I was in Swansea for the day, will share them in the near future, so agree hot chocolate season :) Now I have to say, hot chocolate and cheese toastie is an unusual combo for me, I just drink hot chocolate, sometimes topped with whipped cream, but not really with anything else or if I am lucky maybe veggie marshmallows, but they are sooooo pricey, so a treat when I do have them.

    1. I'm looking forward to your hot chocolate post. I must admit that I'm pretty happy to have cheesy toasties with any drink. I also made some weird food and drink combinations in my youth and some of them stuck with me. :)

  2. I LOVE hot chocolate. My absolute favorite one since brith is called "Chocolate Abuelita" (grandma chocolate). Heheh
    It's a round, solid bar of chocolate and I love adding cinnamon sticks. :9 I enjoy it with a piece of mexican bread or pan dulce (sweet bread) to dip.<3
    I'd really love to try some of the hot chocolate and cheese toastie you made!

    1. Ooh cinnamon sticks! A very interesting idea, I might try to copy that! :)


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