12 January 2016

Caple Road Cider

Caple Road cider (5,2 %) cooled, straight from the can is my new favourite in the world of ciders. I've been buying this cider for a while now and am not tired of it yet. Now it's also starting to spread into more places and I keep detecting the small yellow cans here and there, most recently in a Nicholson's pub. It's the first canned craft cider made by the Westons orchard, whom I often trust in my cider choices anyway.

The taste is very refined and just suitably dry for my taste. It's oaky, fresh and very appley. There's also a hint of vanilla in the flavour.

Keep your eyes peeled and try this cider, if you'll find it anywhere. Well, obviously online it's quite easy to find at least.

Have you been making acquaintances with any new drinks lately? I would be happy to get recommendations.

Your VegHog

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