4 January 2016

Visit to Oxford

We tend to go to Oxford at least once a year and our favourite time to go is just after Christmas. So we did exactly that this year as well. It was the perfect opportunity to just relax, eat out and have no further plans.

In Oxford we normally stay at the Malmaison hotel right by the Oxford Castle. The building used to be a prison, which certainly gives its own interesting twist to the features. It's always good to stay there with all that friendly staff, nice bar and excellent rooms, also the location is very convenient.

A visit to the Botanic Gardens is always a must for me. Even in the winter there are many blooming plants and it's great to have a walk there on the canalside. This is the place where I normally take my most Oxford photos, so I hope that you like plants.

We also went to several of our standard pubs. Turf Tavern is a really nice one hidden away in a small alley. The pub also features in the Inspector Morse novels by Colin Dexter. Then we detected a new pub, Beerd, with excellent drinks and artisanal pizzas.

I consider shopping right after Christmas to be a bit naughty, but what else can you do when you walk into Oxford's Blackwell's bookshop with its huge offering. And guess what, Inspector Morse used to hang around here too. See his favourite hangouts here, which are quite similar to mine! 

Enjoy the photos!

Your VegHog


  1. I've never been to Oxford. I know I will one of these days. Love the pics, esp. the pot wreath, the bearded beer glass, the sleepy hedgehog.
    We made a tree from books in the office, but it was not as impressive as that one.

    1. I would definitely recommend Oxford, really nice buildings and places. Very creative of you to make a book tree, I might make one next Christmas. :)


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