8 March 2014


Today is the first really warm day of the year here in Southern England, bright sunshine at +15C! It's incredible what a boost such a weather can give you. Here are some photos taken in the park next to my house when I enjoyed the beautiful weather outside. The daffodils and crocuses are blooming beautifully and the air has the very fragrance of spring.

Inspired by the sunshine I also washed the glass panels of the balcony and cleaned the pots to prepare it for a new urban growing season. I have some plants already propagating in small pots indoors, and I can't wait to move them outside. I have sown some seeds from the Psychedelic Salad Kit and can hopefully expect some funky looking vegetables later this year.

Enjoy the nice weather everyone!

Your VegHog

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  1. Kateelliset terveiset täältä pölyisestä ja routaisesta Suomesta ;)


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