22 March 2014

Winchester Real Ale & Cider Festival 2014

The VegHog visited the Winchester Real Ale & Cider Festival yesterday at the historic Winchester Guildhall. The guildhall was packed with beer and cider casks, also foreign bottled beers were available, a food court with even some veggie options, and live music. The atmosphere was cheery and uplifting.

I wanted to share some tasting notes with you of the ales and ciders I tried.

Flowerpots, Cheriton Hampshire: Edge of Darkness 4,8%
  • first impression: pretty good!
  • dark, reddish brown
  • aroma of hops and caramels
  • German malt character with a long bitter finish
  • almost like Altbier
Highland Brewing, Orkney Scotland: Island Hopping 3,9%
  • pale
  • golden with a lemony fresh hoppy zing
  • some grassy notes, like a Highland meadow in the morning
Dancing Man, Southampton Hampshire: Pilgrim's Pale 3,9%
  • fruity mango nose
  • explosion of tropical fruits with a moderate bitterness
  • fresh, quenching mouth feel
  • papaya and citrus flavours also from the hops
Downton, Downton Wiltshire: Slovenian Dream 4,5%
  • pale
  • light mouth feel
  • grassy hop character
Vibrant Forest, Lymington Hampshire: Pale Ale Citra 5,0%
  • pine and resin character from the hops
  • long bitter resiny after taste with grapefruit

Dan y Graig, Grosmont Monmouthshire: Dan y Graig 6,0%
  • cloudy cider
  • medium, without being too sweet
So all in all I had some delightful tasting experiences.

Your VegHog

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