11 March 2014

Marinated tofu and pomegranate salad

Here is just a quick salad idea, so without much ado: I baked tofu in the oven and marinated it with harissa, served it warm with some nice fresh salad ingredients, and then this creation was ready to be shared. I really like the complimenting flavours of harissa and pomegranate together, and fruit is always a good idea on a salad.

400g tofu
4 spring onions
100g pea shoots and baby leaf salad
1 pomegranate
Vegetable oil

4tsp harissa (smoky, less hot variety)
2tsp honey
2tsp olive oil

Dice the tofu into medium sized cubes (about 1,5cm sides; they will shrink a bit in the oven) and brush them with little vegetable oil. Roast in the oven at 175C for about one hour until the cubes start to get a crispy surface, turn them roughly every 15 minutes.

Make the marinade by mixing harissa, honey and olive oil together, and brush the tofu cubes all over with it. Roast them for further 20 minutes at 150C.

In the meanwhile prepare the other ingredients: chop the spring onions, wash the salad and remove the pomegranate seeds and place them on a plate.

When the tofu is done, sprinkle it warm on the salad and serve. You can also try substituting the tofu with halloumi to get some variation. Enjoy!

Your VegHog

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