23 April 2014

A quick snuffle through Paris with The VegHog

Today I'm posting quite many non-food related photos from my short trip to Paris, I hope you like them. The main aim of the trip was not to run between tourist attractions, but to enjoy la bonne vie and that's what I'm trying to demonstrate through my photos. Of course I had to see some of the main sites as well, but even then I tried to take non-typical photos of them. Moving in the city is very easy thanks to the clear metro system. I haven't added comments on every photo, so please post questions below if you are curious to know more about these places.

I travelled by train from London St. Pancras station to Gare du Nord in Paris, and I have to say that for this distance the Eurostar is a much better alternative to flying. It's quick, convenient, and depending on the time of travel you can even get cheap deals for it. It was quite relaxing to have a glass of wine while rushing along under the English Channel and then watching the French countryside appear outside of the window. I also tried to brush up on my old school French on the way down.

Still in London getting ready to board the train. St. Pancras really is a pretty station.

On the train enjoying the wine and the views.

And then finally in Paris.

The Montmartre hill with the Sacré-Cœur basilica and many cosy cafés is one of my favourite places in Paris. We took the funicular up the hill, which is a small experience itself.




I'm quite jealous of the urban gardening of the Parisians as they have a beautiful way of decorating their windowsills and balconies with plants.

Below is the great shopping destination, Galeries Lafayette.

I didn't go in to the Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris, but it's an impressive building, and I enjoyed the views along the Seine and the beautiful roses - La vie en rose!


The parks were in full bloom here and you couldn't avoid getting into a proper spring feeling.

Lovely to see fellow city hedgehogs living in the middle of Paris.

Only in Paris an olive oil bottle can look like a bottle of perfume.

I really loved the bakeries and their produce. I simply have to learn to make such beautiful tarts! There's an ambitious goal for me.

I hope you enjoyed the photos. I will soon be posting a couple of veggie restaurant reviews from there as well. I'm sorry if I'm too enthusiastic with the subject. Please tell me what are your best experiences from Paris?

Your VegHog


  1. Very nice pictures! It seems that we have many brilliant photographers in the family. Do you follow Emma's blog?

    1. Thank you! I have seen her work, it is very good!

    2. and of course we don't forget your dear auntie Tepe who started all of it ;)


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