13 June 2014

Garden update for June

I'm off to Finland next week to visit my family, so I thought to give a garden update before I go. This is also supposed to help me remember what was going on before I left, as I'm sure in the ten days I'm gone, plenty will have happened in my small balcony garden. Now the growing circumstances are at their best. Luckily I have a watering helper, who will take care of the plants in my absence.

Many small yellow courgettes are growing very well.

Tomatoes have grown tall and are about to flourish.

Some creative looking purple carrots (a couple of them are almost purple) have also emerged. I basically knew straight away that the planter I put them into was too shallow, but these are quite amusing examples. They tasted good and I was able to use them in some vegetable burgers, so all good!

I've already been able to harvest several radishes and new ones are growing. Some of these are the next generation of last year's crops, as I let some of them grow to seed and dried the pods to be used this year.

This is pretty much what's going on at the moment. I will miss following the growth for a while, but of course it will also be nice to be on holiday.

Your VegHog

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