12 June 2014


Every time I think of making crêpes I can't help being transported back to my childhood. As a child I spent most of the weekends and school holidays at my grandparents' farm. My grandmother would quite often make crêpes (“Lätyt” as we would call them) and us kids didn't mind at all eating them all in one go. Sometimes we would help grandmother frying them and it was such fun. The sizzling of the melting butter, the smells, the exciting process of the turning – all so exciting! My granddad sometimes turned them by throwing them in the air and would get some chuckles and admiration.

These memories came back to me again today when I decided to make crêpes for lunch. I happened to have some new local strawberries, so wanted to have those with the crêpes. In the childhood we would quite often pair the crêpes with strawberries as well, or just eat them with some extra butter melted on the top – divine!

Unfortunately my version will never quite live up to my grandmother's one, she was a great cook. But anyway, this is my easy recipe that makes about six large (full pan) crêpes. Double the recipe if you have more mouths to feed.

2 eggs
4 dl milk
2 dl wheat flour
1 tsp sugar
½ tsp salt
Butter for frying
Strawberries or other summer berries for serving

Whisk all the crêpe ingredients together into a smooth batter. It's easier to avoid flour lumps if you add the flour slowly to the milk and eggs and keep whisking throughout.

Heat little bit butter in a frying pan. Add new butter to the pan for each crêpe.

Pour a ladle of batter into the pan. You can make large ones that fill the whole pan, but of course also smaller ones.

Fry the crêpes on both sides until golden brown. Turn them around carefully.

Serve straight from the pan with fresh strawberries on the top.

Enjoy the tasty dish!

Your VegHog


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