16 February 2016

Mikkeller and Lindemans collaboration beer Spontanbasil

I got to know several beers from Mikkeller's Spontan range when I visited Copenhagen last Easter, so I was obviously directly curious when I saw a bottle of Mikkeller and Lindemans collaboration beer Spontanbasil 6,0 % at my local beer shop. Obviously I had to buy it (and a second bottle in the meanwhile). It tasted so wonderful with such a strong basil flavour, it was just deligthful. It almost doesn't taste like beer at all, just like a refreshing basil drink.

I just booked my next visit to Copenhagen and I can't wait to have more of this and the other beers from Mikkeller's Spontan range. I'm so excited to go there again in March and hope to post many lovely Copenhagen posts for you.

Here are my tasting notes and impressions:

- the cork already heavily smells of basil
- the beer itself smells like an herb garden, herby with some lemon
- there's an initial punch of sour, which is directly followed by a strong basil taste underlined with fine hops
- there is a fresh lemon taste throughout
- the initial taste is very bold and powerful, lambic sourness leading to a fragrant and refreshing aftertaste
- there's more basil than hops in this beer
- the sourness comes from the lambic style of brewing, wild yeast is used to ferment the beer

I can't get enough of this beer and can't help planning which dishes it would compliment the most, would insalata caprese be too much of a clichee with this?

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