25 February 2016

February feeling and food

Alright, I wanted to share a few things with you from my February food and drink, as the month is soon ending. I also want to remind you about the Eat Your Greens cooking challenge. There's still time to submit your February entries!

The food I've cooked this month and not posted on the blog has mainly been winterly comfort food, warming curries, roasts, soups, creamy sauces, home baked bread... here are some of the dishes depicted.

I've made this Balsamic onion and roasted pepper focaccia twice this month and have taken some to work in my lunchbox. The focaccia slices made quite a nice addition to the lunchbox and I actually ate them for breakfast. In this lunchbox there's also a stir fry with udon noodles and I soon want to share more udon noodle dishes with you, as I absolutely adore the wide udon at the moment.

Another interest of mine have been lambic beers, which are spontaneously fermented by wild yeasts and very interesting tasting. I already wrote an own post about the Spontanbasil, but I also loved this elderflower one. 

Other new items in my kitchen or old favourites that I want to show to you are:

Dried black badger peas – can't wait to get creative with those ones, they will surely make a good winter dish. Would you have any good suggestions for these?

My favourite tahini – I have recently grown fond of this tahini brand. It's very smooth, tasty and good quality, the jar only empties way too quickly.

Whole Earth organic cola and lemonade – I don't drink soft drinks much, but once or twice a week a refreshing drink is really nice. If you want some change, look out for the Whole Earth organic range. I really like these drinks and their art work.

Whole Earth organic peanut butter – This smooth organic peanut butter is also from Whole Earth and other variations also exist. I do use peanut butter for dips and sauces, but not so much on breads.

Spelt couscous – I just wanted to try what spelt couscous is like and bought a small packet. It seemed to be slightly nuttier than normal couscous, unless I'm just imagining this.

Halen Môn Anglesey oak smoked sea salt – This is a beautiful product to add some smokiness to your dishes.

That's pretty much it for now. Do you have any favourites among these products? Have you detected any new lovely stuff recently?

Your VegHog


  1. Looks like interesting times in your kitchen - love seeing all your goodies - that smoked salt tickles my fancy and your lunch looks great - am a little jealous! I haven't posted a greens recipe all month - hangs head in shame! But it is not that I have not been making greens - just not enough new and interesting dishes!

    1. I love trying new products and most of them have been really good recently. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll share a green recipe with us soon. :)

  2. Wow lots of good stuff in your kitchen. Halen Mon is very expensive salt, I've used it in the past, though not the smoked one. Saying that I do have some smoked salt from Essex. I have some Black Badger peas too, so am excited to see what you come up with, I am still wondering....

    1. Yes, I also bought Halen Mon salt once when I visited Wales and used it only in specially selected dishes. I once saw a documentary of sourcing the salt, it was quite interesting. And I'm also still thinking regarding the black badgers...


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