21 July 2016

Gnocchi with heirloom tomatoes and burrata

Today has been a very crazy day at work and I just arrived back home, about five hours later than planned. I was obviously hoping to be able to post something a little bit earlier, but if I write this quickly, I might just be able to post this when it's still Thursday.

So, the other day I made once again a simple gnocchi and tomato dish. Gnocchi or pasta with quickly fried fresh tomatoes and garlic with some added mozzarella or burrata are normally my absolute weekday meal favourites. This sort of dishes are so quick to make, yet they are filling and contain all the good things. I added some burrata to it this time, although I normally use mozzarella.

For this dish I just cooked some shop bought gnocchi and quickly fried the tomatoes in a hot pan. I also added some lightly cooked garlic, fresh basil leaves and drizzled some good quality olive oil on the top. Then I served the tomatoes with the burrata and gnocchi. This was perhaps a bit more posh version of this weekday favourite of mine.

I really hope to be home earlier tomorrow to be able to post another tomato recipe. Today my only worry while getting home, was about my Tomato Festival!

Have a nice Friday!

Your VegHog

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