3 July 2016

Summer omelette

Here's my yesterday's breakfast, a summer omelette containing courgette served with tomatoes and toast. I only rarely make omelettes these days, but this one kept me going for quite a while yesterday.


1 small courgette
½ onion
Rapeseed oil
2 eggs
Dash of hazelnut milk (or other milk)
Ground black pepper
Fresh basil leaves


Cut the courgette into thin strings with a vegetable cutter or spiraliser.

Chop the onion into thin half rings.

Start cooking the onion in the rapeseed oil until soft, then add the courgettes into the pan and cook for a few minutes.

In the meanwhile whisk the eggs with the hazelnut milk and seasoning and then add to the pan.

Cook the omelette on both sides and serve with fresh tomatoes.


Your VegHog

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