22 November 2016

Spelt rolls

I made once again my regular spelt rolls, which I make in slight variations almost every week. This time I added some linseeds, oat flakes and sesame seeds to the rolls and even remembered to write the ingredient amounts down. Normally I just throw things in, as I know better by the feeling of the dough how much flour for example needs to be added.

Freshly baked rolls are always so nice to have, very tasty and also economical. These ones are also very easy and don't need any special attention. 

Spelt rolls – Recipe for about 8 rolls


3 cups spelt flour
2 tbsp dry yeast
2 tsp salt
2 tbsp linseeds
½ cup oat flakes
2 tbsp sesame seeds
300 ml lukewarm water
3 tbsp olive oil


Combine the spelt flour, dry yeast and salt ingredients.

Soak the linseeds, oat flakes and sesame seeds briefly in the lukewarm water and then pour the whole contents to the dry ingredients.

Also add the olive oil and knead.

Let the dough rise for about one hour.

Shape rolls from the dough.

Bake the rolls at 250 C for about 15 minutes until done.


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  1. These look really beautiful - I actually added spelt flour to my sourdough bread for the first time last week because I ran out of white wheat flour I usually use and it made me think maybe I need to use spelt flour in bread baking more - so I have bookmarked this recipe. BTW do you find spelt flour horrendously expensive - the bag I bought a few months ago was 10 times as much as I pay for my flour and I keep meaning to check if there is cheaper spelt about.

    1. I haven't noticed a huge price difference here, but I also buy my spelt flour in 5 bags bulk, which makes it slightly cheaper. 10 times more does sound very expensive indeed.

  2. I made these today, so delicious! Trying not to eat them all at once!

    1. Oh I'm glad to hear you liked them and I know only too well about the eating all at once. Thank you very much for your comment! :)


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