1 November 2016

Ægir Brewery in Flåm

And the Norway posts keep coming, just for a little while yet, I hope you're not bored of them yet. In yesterday's Flåm post I promised to write a post about the Ægir Brewery that is located in Flåm, so here it comes. We spent one very fun evening in this wooden pub building that is a new build, but built in the Viking style with suitable interior, an open fire at the centre of the room and heavy wooden furniture. It was very cosy and the service was excellent and extremely friendly.

They brew beer in the premises, but also have a bigger brewery building just a few hundred meters away from the pub. The beer selection is very wide, all imaginable beer styles are available. We decided to start with the tasting boards to get more acquainted with their beers, as we had never tasted the Ægir beers before.

I especially like the naming of the beers after local areas or characters from the Old Norse sagas, like Ratatosk or Tors Hammar, and also the artwork on the bottles and cans. Of course all the beers were excellent as well. It's quite an unique location for a microbrewery and I will remember this experience for a long time to come.


  1. Looks amazing!
    I'd love to visit that place in the near future. :)


    1. I really hope that you'll get to go there some day. It's just amazing!


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