20 February 2018

Fried potatoes with sausage

I got more of these excellent Snällkorv by Astrid och Aporna, when we visited Sweden again the other week. These are really nice juicy vegetarian sausages made from wheat gluten and soya. I also bought loads of other stuff there, which you will be seeing before long here on the blog. But now I felt like a veggie sausage dish.

For this dish I took inspiration from my childhood, from something that especially my father would frequently cook as a rather heavy evening snack: fried potatoes with fried sausage pieces. I of course made a vegetarian version of this dish, and added just some onions and garlic, salt and pepper, and fried the pre-boiled skin-on potatoes with the veggie sausage pieces. It was very nice grub for the winter.

This dish is also quite good for the cheap eats category, as I'm still trying to save some money when cooking. Actually veggie food isn't that expensive when you cook yourself, but sometimes I want to use just basic ingredients, and still make sure that there will be some protein in each dish. That reminds me that I want to write about the local vegetarian restaurant and café scene in Copenhagen soon. There are too many good options, so I'm only getting through them very slowly.

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